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No more suffering through the long lines, wait times, multiple visits and confusing jargon of the typical optical store shopping experience. No more rolling the dice with shopping online, placing an order and hoping that the frames you bought fit your style, your face and your eyes.
You deserve better!
Introducing the eyewear solution you’ve been waiting for…


Focal Point is the first eyewear expert that brings you the precision of highly skilled opticians plus the convenience of an on-demand, on-location service that comes to you, wherever you are. Home, work, school, it doesn’t matter. You call, We’re there, You’ll See!

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Our expertise comes with us. Our highly trained technicians are experts in lens cutting and helping you find the frames that fit you best, but it’s our service that sets us apart. We cater to our customers and bring back the old-school personal touch. Contact us below to schedule an appointment. A Focal Point representative will contact you shortly.

*Available hours vary. Focal Point Eyewear currently accepts most insurance plans and offer reimbursement forms for non-participating providers.


Focal Point for Businesses

How many employable hours have you lost due to your local eyewear provider? More than you think, we’d bet. On average, a trip to the eyeglass store takes roughly 2-3 hours of time. This includes getting examined, choosing frames, sitting through a confusing sales pitch and eventually getting your completed glasses. Most people take time off of work in order to purchase eyewear. This results in lost wages for the employee and a loss of productive hours for your business!

Focal Point Eyewear can schedule a visit with your facility where we’ll field multiple clients at once. Just allow us to setup a table in your lobby, conference room, or anywhere that’s convenient for you, and you’ll quickly realize the Focal Point difference!